Friday, April 1, 2011

Go Solar, Go Green

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There is no option but to go green now with our dwindling non-renewable energy sources on the one hand and the pollution as well as the carbon footprint causing havoc with our environment on the other hand. So we have to turn to a renewable source of energy for heating, cooling, cooking, distillation and transportation among other energy needs. Among the renewable sources the most attractive one is the solar energy. One reason for the popularity of solar (AZ) power is that this is one source that's readily available throughout the day everyday in the year. In the field of solar (AZ) power, residential needs are met as are the commercial requirements.
Solar (AZ) power can meet the entire 100% of your needs provided you have installed the solar energy system having adequate size. However, there is no gain saying that you will always be able to beat the rising cost of energy by going for a solar energy system. The solar energy system that you install for your commercial needs or your residence will actually improve upon the value you paid for the property to begin with. You don't need to pay any increase in taxes and with the various incentives from sources including the state you could end up paying only 20% of the cost of the system. The solar energy system is non-polluting in nature and your installation is secure with a warranty that will last for 25 years.
Throughout Arizona, solar energy is provided by photovoltaic cells. These photovoltaic cells that provide Arizona, solar energy are very simple in operation. The sun's rays fall on these panels containing the cells and direct current energy is generated. This dc energy is stored in banks of accumulators. You could thereafter use the energy to either operate motors or to power any amount of power equipment. The AC output that you ultimately get can be hooked to the utility grid or be operated parallel to it. So, take the advantage of arizona solar. Those that provide Arizona solar energy can enter into turnkey arrangements and complete the installation as well as maintain it thereafter.
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