Sunday, April 17, 2011

Top Five Future Weapons

By Zidane Randall

There is a number of weapons humans use from the past to present. Here are the most futuristic ones that people desire to make.

Autonomous weapons
The robotic vehicles which are under search and development can attack against enemies and troops on both ground and up to the air. The robotic vehicles, in theory, receive the sensor data from computers to determine the hostile forces. Then, robotic vehicles will be controled by a remote site to go ahead and attack enemy. Boston Dynamics Robot artificial Cheetah is an early model of this futuristic weapon. Developed by the U.S. Defense Department, the military robot has four legs which could run faster than humans.

Boston Dynamics Robot artificial Cheetah
Boston Dynamics Robot artificial Cheetah

Space-based weapons
In the highest point, weapons in universe can see and attack any thing on Earth, up in the air or in space. Most importantly, the space-based weapons can protect the world from ballistic missiles.

Space-based hybrid laser weapon
Space-based hybrid laser weapon

Active Denial System
The Active Denial System (ADS), which is developed by the U.S. military, aims at crowd control. Functioned by electromagnetic radiation (beam of 95-gigahertz radiation), the Active Denial System makes people flee without hitting them.

Active Denial System in graphic
Active Denial System in graphic

High-energy lasers
The high-power lasers can travel through all directions at speed of lights over thousands of kilometers. The powerful beams set target on a small spot, and then burn the target’s face thanks to heat.

The high – power energy lasers
The high-power energy lasers

Hypersonic aircraft
A hypersonic aircraft could amazingly fly faster than Mach 5 and reach any points on Earth within two hours. The hypersonic aircraft is also able to deliver a satellite to low-Earth orbit.

Falcon hypersonic aircraft
Falcon hypersonic aircraft

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