Monday, March 21, 2011

How to Find the Preferred Gaming Mouse

By TahirMajid

The right gaming mouse can really change the way you play your game. If you are an extreme gaming enthusiast then you understand how much a mouse can impact your game. And this is why you need a mouse that is the right brand, the right size and also has the right features so that it can make gaming simpler for you. There are many people who pick up online gaming but when they really play they find it irritating to use the mouse. Many of them think that it was the fault of the game. But the truth is that all this is probably because you don't have the right mouse yet that is suitable for gaming. While there are no particular mouse styles that are only for gaming, there are features you can choose to make your mouse a great gaming mouse.

The mouse is an integral user interface for a gamer and you need to make sure you get a suitable one that makes your gaming less exhausting and smoother. The first thing you need to check is the dpi or cpi value of the mouse. While a higher dpi value is good because it means a mouse is accurate, it should not surpass five thousand dpi either. Too high a dpi value can also be complicated to work with because you need a balanced hand with knowledge. You should choose a mouse with adjustable acuteness so you can switch to and from regular PC tasks and gaming. This way you will have better options and your normal work will not be affected in any way. You can just advance the sensitivity for when you play games.

Some mouse designs also come with adjustable weight. This way you can adjust the weight according to your needs to get more out of it. This is entirely up to you though - some gamers do better with a heavy mouse while others would fare better with a lighter one. Look at the way you do things better and choose a weight adjustment accordingly. The most desirable gaming mouse would also have buttons that are programmable. This means that you can program the buttons for various commands and short cuts - you can program the mouse button for particular gaming actions too. This can be a quite incredible asset to have in a mouse. Macro mouse designs are also available that allow you to program a series of actions in the buttons.

Choosing the right grip in the mouse is also first-class. Some people use a claw grip or use their fingertips to hold the mouse while others make use of the palm grip meaning they hold the mouse through the mid of their palms. So while you can choose whatever style of grip you are comfortable with, you have to make sure you buy the right mouse size for that grip. Smaller mouse designs are suitable for claw grippers and bigger mouse sizes are for palm grippers.

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