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Stop SPAM with the help of Managed Email Content Filtering

By Paul Mitchener

Greater than 80% of the mail traveling the internet will be considered SPAM. Which is a large amount of unnecessary internet stress on your business and a lot of staff work productivity loss in going through the influx of this useless electronic mail.
Envision, everyday all of your workers or business colleagues sits down at their PC to discover 30, 40 or maybe more fresh emails in their mailbox. Subsequently, after 15 to 30 minutes or maybe more has passed they've eventually sorted through most of the e-mails in order to learn they barely have actually got 4 or 5 authentic new e-mails.
Now give some thought to roaming users having the advantage of the company's email on mobile phone devices, PDA’s, ipads and notebook computers. All of those new spammy emails have already been delivered to numerous devices for each individual. This really is primarily taking into consideration the email messages that happen to be delivered through the night. SPAM email is without a doubt delivered 24x7, and so you as well as your personnel have got to frequently cope with this distressing e mail throughout the day too.
This is a great deal of daily productivity loss, that moves the regular laborious task of managing SPAM from a nuisance into a extremely expensive process. There are many ways of stopping spam email, yet unfortunately there aren’t a great number of solutions that really work.
Desktop programs or Endpoint solutions - cannot handle spam mail until it has been received by the e mail client software package. These solutions generally solely quarantine the mail into a spam folder in which the end user still is required to physically remove the quarantined email. Despite the fact that endpoint spam software is not all that expensive (per seat), it could actually equate to an expensive solution once licensing is invested in for every desktop computer and laptop within the company. This specific solution fails to clear away the weight on your networking system and likewise creates added load on the desktop pc or Laptop. Desktop solutions don’t seriously save any end user time either, because your staff members still need to manually contend with the quarantined email messages.
On location server solutions - are partially more advanced than endpoint solutions given that they do halt the spam e-mails from progressing to the end users. All of these solutions require you to maintain your own private on location email server, for instance Microsoft Exchange, therefore for a lot of smaller companies an onsite server solution is not really appropriate. This solution, being on-site, is unable to get rid of additional internet and network system load as a consequence of spam traffic. In addition, it mounts additional load and overhead on your email hosting server. An on-site server solution simultaneously will require extra IT support and maintenance to help keep the system current, operating and protecting against the most recent email risks.
Onsite gateway appliances - are classified as the pick of the bunch, when it comes to your own on-site system, although these types of appliances are really costly and cost prohibitive for the majority of organisations. In addition they will need your small business to have internal mail servers and infrastructure. Just like the earlier mentioned systems, all of the spam e-mail is going to be dealt with on location, for that reason virtually no network strain will be eradicated from your network or internet connection. This solution, although it disposes of the overhead from your mail servers, it still calls for a great deal of routine service and maintenance from IT support staff.
Managed Email Content Filtering Services - are known as the recommended solution in order to stop SPAM before it arrives at your network and users. A managed email content filtering service is scalable from one end user to hundreds or even thousands of end users per organization as opposed to each of the aforementioned strategies. Being a managed service the content filtering gateway is kept up-to-date, maintained and you really are guaranteed of the highest quality spam and mail security protection at no added support cost for your organisation. Being a hosted offsite solution there isn't any load on your internal IT system in the slightest degree, simply because all of the email processing is literally taken care of on the managed service provider’s datacentre facilities.
Managed email content filtering services similar to AUS-IP’s SecurMail are also made available at no upfront hardware, software or infrastructure expense. These services are charged at a regular monthly rate and you are also merely billed for the quantity of users or mailboxes utilising the service, making a service such as SecurMail an extremely economical solution. Services similar to this, offer a host of additional fully inclusive additional features in addition to just SPAM defense and prevention.
Such email content filtering capabilities include:
  • anti-virus and malware safeguards
  • file attachment type blocking
  • image analysis for pornographic content
  • email archiving
  • email encryption
  • inbound and outbound mail filtering
  • disclaimer stamping
  • SMS notices
  • and the list continues on
Selecting a strong anti-spam solution for your company should be reasonably hassle-free. SPAM it isn't just a time waster it's expensive and suffering with this inflow of these e-mail is simply costing your company progressively more daily. Don’t spend a fortune on putting into action your own infrastructure. Start using a Managed Email Content Filtering System and stop SPAM in its tracks.

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