Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Your GPS Could Give Live Traffic Reports

By GPS City Garmin

How many of us would like to get live traffic updates every two minutes on their GPS? Yes, you heard me right, every two minutes. This means no more getting stuck in traffic unwittingly, and wondering just how to get around the gridlock. It also means actually getting to that important meeting on schedule no matter how busy your day becomes.

Take heart because sometime around mid-2011 TomTom will introduce its new Go 2505 M Live model GPS system. Hopefully Garmin will do the same. Whereas in the past we could get traffic updates every 15 minutes, TomTom has raised the bar and will be giving updates to its users at a more efficient and workable 2 minute intervals. The added convenience and reduction of stress levels brought about by this change will be welcomed by all; especially those of us living in crowded metropolitan areas where gridlock is a factor and where a single fender-bender could ruin your whole day's schedule.

But wait, that's not all. As an added benefit, the GO 2505 will include other live services free for the first year of use. These additional live services include local fuel prices, local searches and weather reports. Using standard verbal commands, you will get directions to the nearest exotic restaurant, coffee house or gas station. Tom Murray, Senior VP for marketing over at TomTom, is quoted as saying that “The data is twice as accurate as Navteq”. For a GPS device that sounds great to me.

Remember that these new features are in addition to all of the standard services and conveniences to which we have become accustomed. Therefore the gps device is a bit more costly than its forerunner, but is well worth the price. The conveniences incorporated into the various types of GPS systems on the market today have become an invaluable part of our daily lives. Wisely choosing and utilizing those specific options which will enhance our lives is extremely important. Know what you need, get it and maximize its use. Rather than focusing on all of the tricks that your new gps device can do, first target what you need it to do and get familiar with those elements. Once you've mastered that, move on to what the device is fully capable of. When it comes to today's consumer technology, particularly the GPS personal navigation devices (PND), the secret to a successful relationship with these devices is to gradually familiarize yourself with each component.

Occasionally people consider themselves averse to the newer gps technology coming on the market, saying they already have what they need. However, I believe that once you have a system for assessing, acquiring and using the technology, it will become an essential in your life and the process will simplify itself.

About the Author:
Bradley Jacobs is a GPS enthusiast and touts the benefits of garmin, tomtom, magellan, lowrance, and other gps system available with unmatched on-line store experience. With over 20 years of direct engineering, marketing, and customer service experience in the GPS industry, he is uniquely qualified to offer top-level support. His favorite distributor, GPS City Canada, sells to thousands of customers in Canada, the USA, and worldwide. They range from small businesses to many Fortune 500 companies. From major universities and technical colleges to the Pentagon, Canada's DND, military and other government institutions.

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