Monday, February 14, 2011

3D Games : What’s Hot? And What’s Not?

Author: antoniobristow
Virtual games have always been a wonderful world of gusto and an addictive atmosphere, that one hardly can resist the temptation of playing it. It has been a never ending story. With the visuals giving you a life like experience, it is really the thrill of the new generation.

Nowadays many 3D games are now available in Blu-ray discs. Sony has already launched a few 3D games for its Play Station 3 lovers and the recent years will see much more. With 3D games you can enjoy the real like experience while playing them. 3D HD TV is must for these games, if you need to enjoy the 3D features. However, different games come with different compatibilities and it is very essential to know the system configuration for running these games. For adults, you need to get back to your childhood wearing the funky glasses but certainly it will not bother because 3D mania has much to offer.

The three major gaming giants have come out with different strategies on 3D games. Sony has already made the software changes necessary for the 3D games to run in the Play Station 3 console. This is perhaps done keeping in mind the marketing policies of its 3D HDTVs, since these games can only be played through them.

Microsoft Game Studios is at present waiting for the 3D market to grow; since most of the homes are not 3D ready they are not in the mood of launching anything new drastically, rather concentrating on further research and technologies to provide better solutions towards 3D gaming.

On the other hand Nintendo is exploring new dimensions. In 2011 they will be launching their set of 3D games, with their console “3DS”which will not require wearing any glasses, but at the same time you need not to compromise with your own television. Thus if you go with the Nintendo “3DS”, there is no need to go for a 3D TV at least for the gaming purpose. However it is only after the launch of the products that one may find the depth of the statements.

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