Sunday, February 20, 2011

How To Get Free Ebooks For The Amazon Kindle

By Marco Gustafsson

Whether you own an Amazon Kindle, Kindle DX, or Kindle DX Graphite, you are probably on the search for a few free eBooks to add to your collection of readable material. If you are on a budget or simply like getting something for free, youll be happy to know that there are actually close to two million titles of free eBooks that are available to those who wish to download them to their Amazon Kindle, Kindle DX, or Kindle DX Graphite.

Many of the free eBooks can be obtained without a discount retail coupon or discount code. These titles include books that have fallen out-of-copyright, many of which were written before 1923. Since these eBooks come from older titles, the quality of some of them is often questionable due to the fact that the books have often been scanned in order to create digital versions of them. A great number of classics are also available to readers who want to receive wireless delivery directly to their Amazon Kindle, Kindle DX, or Kindle DX Graphite.

Where Can You Get Free eBooks for Your Amazon Kindle?

Each site that offers free eBooks provides a set of easy-to-follow instructions detailing how to obtain your copies. In most cases, wireless delivery is quick and painless. Considered public domain books, most of the free copies arrive in ePUB format, necessitating the need to obtain special software from Amazon (Stanza) to convert the files for reading. Here is a sampling of the online sites where avid readers can obtain free reading material.

The Amazon Kindle Store: While many of the eBooks offered free at the Amazon Kindle Store are classics, occasionally readers can obtain other titles during a specific timeframe.

Open Library: A wiki-style website, Open Library provides access to approximately 1.7 million titles through scanned copies of the books. A page dedicated to each books information is also available. No coupon code needed.

The Internet Archive Text Archive: This site features a varied assortment of books including fiction, history, and childrens titles. Some restrictions apply to the use of the titles that are offered on this site. No discount code needed to obtain a digital copy.

ManyBooks.Net: Offering nearly 30,000 free eBooks, ManyBooks provides a list of the most popular titles within its collection as well as a grouping of special collections. It includes a handy genre filter to simplify a readers search for a specific type of eBook.

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