Monday, February 28, 2011

Nintendo's New 3Ds Play Station

When Nintendo released the first 3D gaming systems, the people were blown away! The demo was released to Pilot wings Resort and the gaming system will go public very soon depending on its release location. New 3D graphics are taking gaming to the next level for many avid and even casual gamers, and the anticipation has not been without reason. All reviews and initial reports have commented on the 3DS being fitted with easy to grasp controls, a beautiful user interface and an awesome 3D system model never seen before means Nintendo’s 3D gaming system did not disappoint these harsh critics.

In finding a middle ground between DSi XL and standard DSi, the hardware is compact and very powerful. Not only with classics such as Pac Man, Galaga and the Mario series, titles like Resident Evil 5 and Metal Gear Solid, Nintendo has every intention of releasing the system to once again establish authority in the hand held market by simply bursting back into the gaming market with major fire power. The inputs are small and out of the way, making the design sleek and compact given its power.

Nintendo is planning a global release in March, distributing the system to America, Europe, and Australia. The 3D effect is created without wearing special eyewear, much to the appreciation of gamers everywhere and possibly something that 3D TV manufacturers need to keep a close eye on. This concept is a deviation from other systems that require such eyewear to create the 3D environment.

The user is given complete control over the 3D environment by being able to turn off the effects with ease, something missing with previous and soon to be outdated 3D mediums. Offering this option, which other systems of this nature do not, gives you complete control over your gaming experience. Utilizing technology similar to that of new 3D televisions, you can actually lessen or increase the 3D effect.

All in all, this system performed beautiful through its initial test runs, and will definitely wow the gaming world when it is released to the public. Ditching the viewing glasses makes for a more comfortable experience, and the designers at Nintendo have truly outdone themselves. A compact design, 3D effect controls, and impressive game titles will propel this system immediately upon release to many gamers’ ‘must have’ list of gaming platforms. So, come March, fire the system up, strap yourself in, and get ready for a gaming experience like you have never seen before.           

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