Monday, February 7, 2011

Laser Modules: A Variety to Choose From

By Kayla Jeong

Laser modules are hot selling items these days. Red laser pointers are the most common and low power consumption laser and hence these come out to be cheaper. Like wise there are other laser pointers as well like green, blue and violet. These modules turn out to be more expensive and less common. These are also to be used more carefully since these are of high power and can cause eye injury.
Lasers have made a niche in our lives. It has found multiple uses. Especially red laser modules are easy to carry small pointer pens that have made widespread use in various industries. In construction industries and aeronautical science, these are used to point out to various objects at a distance accurately. It can even point out to stars and galaxies at a great distance during discussions and presentations. Even during various outdoor activities like camping, hunting and mountaineering, these lasers are used to signal others from a distance in the night.
Red lasers function by using dust particles in the air to scatter their rays. While high power or high frequency lasers are visible in clean air as well as air with dust particles. This is because they use Rayleigh scattering as their phenomena. This is the reason why green or blue lasers are more frequently used for pointing at astronomical objects than red lasers. Green and blue laser pointer are also popularly used in mountaineering and camping activities where these are used to measure distances and heights as well more accurately than other objects. Especially during the night, these lasers prove to be excellent technology to measure distances and depths.
In earlier days, lasers had only found use in military operations where they used to be fitted in some guns for correct aiming. Otherwise, you would only find low power lasers in small key chains which had become toys for kids. Nowadays, even high power lasers are easily accessible in spite of government putting a ban against their use in many countries. You can easily buy high power lasers from various online shops these days and even get good deals in them. Blue and green lasers are much more expensive than red lasers. Even between blue and green lasers, blue and violet ones are way too expensive than green laser modules. If a green laser were around $100 then a blue laser pointer would come at around $700. But still there are various websites who are ready to deliver them at your doorstep if you pay such prices.
High power lasers must be used carefully since if they are pointed at the eyes directly then they might cause impairment of vision. Hence, during driving or flying, one should never use lasers as it may harm the drivers’ concentration or even eyesight. Technology never stops renewing itself. I am sure in future days, we will find newer uses of lasers soon and they would be easily accessible to us in safer forms as well.

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