Monday, February 21, 2011

PS3 Troubleshooting - Is It Possible To Fix It At Home?

author: CHAYA CASE
I imagine if you are Reading this then you are in a similar situation to what I was about three weeks ago. I was having a game of call of duty on my playstation 3 when the console died and the room glowed with a flashing yellow light if death.
Before you go rushing off to send it somewhere to get repaired have you thought that maybe you could fix the ps3 yourself. At home. Seriously it is what I ended up doing; here are a few brief possibilities as to what is causing the yellow light of death.
Dust is an enemy of your playstation 3. Check the ventilation slots on your machine for an excess build up of dust. If there is clean it away with a dry cloth. Remember it is important not to get liquids anywhere near your playstation.
The next thing to try is to take a look at all the connections going into your ps3. Are they securely in place? Sounds simple but you will be surprised how many people's console starts flashing the yellow light of death because a friend trips over the power cable and pulls it out slightly from the back of your console.
Next up just touch your console. Is it really hot? Overheating is probably the most common reason for the yellow light of death. What it is advisable to do is keep your ps3 cool whilst playing, especially if it is a prolonged gaming session.
One of the best ways to keeping it cool is you should take a look at where you store your console. If it is in an entertainment unit with all your other audio visual gadgets this could be causing an excessive build up of heat. This is a problem as the console will only be able to circulate warm air and never cool down.
It is possible to use a laptop fan and sit your playstation 3 on it. Doing this will help the consoles internal fan and will keep your console a lot cooler. If you want to you could buy a console specific external fan unit. Again to help cool air circulation around your machine.
If none of these options help to cool your playstation 3 down sufficiently you can try lowering the resolution setting of your console from high definition. This particular setting causes a lot of the internal circuits to get warmer and if there is an overheating problem already this will make it a lot worse and result in the yellow light of death.
Just following these simple pointers should be enough to get your playstation back on its feet. I told you it was possible to repair it in your own home. However if your problem still doesn't seem to be fixed you can find guides available online that will teach you how to fix other problems at home. As they use videos to explain the various stages to you it is a very useful resource when fixing a playstation 3.
source: PS3 Troubleshooting - Is It Possible To Fix It At Home?