Sunday, February 27, 2011

iPod Nano 6th Generation Review

Author: Sam Jaim
One of the shocking refurbishments made by Apple on its line of iPod is the iPod nano 6th generation – after the total overhaul with something entirely different.

Believe it or not, the nano is very small and light, measuring 1.48 inches x 1.61 inches x 0.35 inch, and weighing 0.74 ounce only. You can affix it to clothing or anything else with the use of the clip at the back.

The device only has 3 buttons, one for the power/screen lock, and two for adjusting the volume up and down, while the touchscreen controls everything else. The 1.5-inch screen is bright and colorful, offering clear texts.

It is easy to familiarize with the basic usage. On the home screen are four icons coupled with clear labels. To view the other options and load more icons, just swipe to the left or right.

However, when it comes to browsing for songs, it only shows 4 songs on the screen at once. And even though nano jumps quickly to a letter, it’s still difficult to find what exactly you are looking for.

Nano also allows users to do various tricks with its touchscreen. Twisting with two fingers rotates the display, swiping to the right takes you back one screen, and tapping and swiping in the radio and music menus bring up extra features such as live pause.

The quality of music is good, and the built-in FM radio is pretty reasonable. To tune in, one must press the arrows displayed on the screen to find signals, or manually find a frequency by swiping a bar at the bottom of the screen. As you listen to the station, the device displays whether the signal is good enough.

One feature that is cool here is its ability to pause a radio station for up to 15 minutes and skip forwards and backwards through the recording.

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