Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blackberry 9570 Storm 3- More Or Less The Successor Of Storm 2

By Caroline Telford

Blackberry is back again with another smart addition to their series which is named as the BlackBerry 9570 Storm 3. It is not a surprising info that the BlackBerry creators, RIM is seriously working on to design a much enhanced version of Storm series and it has been rumoured some time before itself. However, it is not pretty clear whether Verizon is going to launch it sooner or later. Reports say that the release dates will be around the months of September and October since the Storm 2 made its debut on last October only. Actually, RIM launched the Storm series with the intention of competing with iPhones as the Storm series handsets are the only set of BlackBerry mobiles with bigger sized touch screens.

Well, there are some things to boast about the BlackBerry 9570 Storm like its sharp and well-finished large screen, bolder camera and sleek form factor. Though Storm 3 is almost identical in features with the Storm 2, there are certain discrete enhancements. One of the important improvised features of 9570 storm is its new Operating system which is designed by putting down more concentration and innovation. However, the older storm 2 is not going to be upgraded with the new OS. This new BlackBerry 6.0 operating system is expected to be the striking spec of this new model. This new version also has an advanced web-kit based browser system too.

The leaked hardware specs of new Storm 3 include a 5 megapixel camera, 512 MB of RAM, a microSD memory card slot with support for 32 GB microSDHC cards and a Wi-Fi 802.11n support. However, being a world phone, BlackBerry 9570 Storm 3 can be operated with the U.S network of Verizon and also supports the GSM networks of Europe and Asia as well. However, the new BlackBerry 9570 Storm 3 is expected to follow the same footsteps as that of the older ones and rumours say some of the basic features like the 3.25-inch and 360x480 pixel resolutions will be unchanged. Also there may be some additional features like Mobile hotspot software which allows the handset to share its 3G connection with other computers through Wi-Fi. However, few the new features may be Blackberry Storm 3 is believed to overcome the difficulty in upgrading official documents which was the major drawback of Storm 2. It is very essential to compare BlackBerry offers as there will be so many before picking one for you.

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