Monday, February 7, 2011

Fight Darkness with Xenon Flashlight

By Kayla Jeong

A new generation flashlight that created much hype in the market are xenon flashlights. You must be wondering that we just had LED flashlights swarming the market and promising to give better service than ordinary flashlights, then what is so nice about the Xenon ones? Since technology is growing by leaps, there is no stop to new products being released in the market. All of them have their own advantages and disadvantages as well, but mostly propose to have better quality of service than previous ones.
Well the fact is that Xenon flashlights use Xenon bulbs instead of LED bulbs. The Xenon bulbs use the technology of incandescent bulbs itself but instead of the gas chamber being filled with Argon gas, there is now Xenon gas. A small tungsten wire inside the bulb is used to product light when it is heated up. Rechargeable batteries do the power supplies for the tough Xenon bulbs. This is the advantage over regular flashlights where you would need to replace the batteries after a short period of use. Just like your mobile phone or your camcorder, you can just plug in to recharge your Xenon flashlight and it is as good as new again. Also, the battery life is around 3000 to 3500 hours, lasting long enough to cover a few nights at a stretch during an outdoor expedition.
The fact that these are Xenon flashlights, they produce ultra bright light. These are best fit for night time activities and sports like camping, fishing, hunting. Even for policemen and army who need to patrol in the night, these flashlights prove to be extremely helpful. Since the range of radiation is almost a kilometre, this is a good enough distance to feel safe. These give out around 24W of power output of white light which is very bright. In fact these lights are so stable that these are used for patrolling cars as well in many areas.
Normally, a Xenon flashlight would last for around 15000 hours but it certainly depends on how it has been used and maintained. For instance, correct recharging of the batteries itself is a major factor in deciding the longevity of rechargeable flashlights. Mostly these flashlights are also waterproof since the powerful white lights can be very well used to see things under water. These are mostly used in water sports and scuba diving activities.
Flashlights can be used for any reason and not necessarily for only outdoor sports or water sports. Even during black outs, you would need flashlights. If you need to take your pet out regularly in the night, you need flashlights. In fact, it is good to keep a flashlight handy in your car just in case you needed it if your car broke down somewhere in the night. We do not realise these small necessities in life until one day when we have no other choice.
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