Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Backup video games with Game Copy Wizard - Is it a scam?

By Ron Baker

Anyone who has ever had the misfortune, and in some cases the sheer horror, of wasting valuable time trying to copy a game disc only to have it end up non-functional will be able to attest to the importance of having the right software. There are many examples out there, ranging from the free and virus-laden to the exorbitantly-priced and useless. A recent contender in this market, which seems to be holding its own, is Game Copy Wizard. Let’s take a look.
As scary a thought as it is for gamers, there are many things which can happen to a game disc. It can be scratched, stolen or even lost. The only consolation at that point is the knowledge that a copy exists so there’s no need to shell out for another original. Game discs, however, can’t be burned by just any software. They have built-in copyright protection that must be broken before burning can begin. Game Copy Wizard does this admirably. Some of the features include:
Free updates.
100% copying of audio and video files for seamless quality.
An easy to use interface with detailed, step-by-step instructions.

Game Copy Wizard

Functional across consoles including the Xbox 360, Xbox, Sony ,PS, PS2, PS3, PSP, PC and Nintendo Wii.
Allows back up of practically any CD or DVD.
• FAQ how to burn any console games.
how to burn xbox 360 games

Well that’s a mouthful, but does it actually work? After all, others have made similar claims. Let’s look at the refund rate then. This will give an idea of how many customers requested their money back. The rate for Game Copy Wizard is less than 1%. They’ve clearly got to be doing something right because they have a lot of satisfied customers out there. So what is that they’re doing?
Simple installation:
The installation process is very easy to follow and the download itself is quite small. This is great news for those impatient Xbox 360 or some other console gamers.
Ease of Use:
Some have complained that the software interface is a little too simplistic. That’s up for debate. Many people just don’t have the time to go learning all the intricacies of navigating a complex user interface. Game Copy Wizard looks very much like any regular burning software so those familiar with Nero and Roxio won’t have any problems. The process of copying a game is pretty much the same as copying any type of CD.
Support Team:
If you will have any questions how to burn games or some other trouble, support team will help immediately and will guide how to burn games or will solve some other problem.
High Quality Results:
By far one of the most important factors when it comes to game copying software, this is the area in which Game Copy Wizard excels. It promises 100% playable copies and it delivers. There are no audio or graphics issues. In fact, if one isn’t told it’s easy to think that they’re playing from the original game.
Game Copy Wizard is a very versatile piece of software. It isn’t limited to one console and works well across the board, from Sony to Nintendo to Xbox systems. It even allows the user to make back ups of non-gaming CDs and DVDs. It’s not difficult to find testimonials from satisfied users and it would appear that Game Copy Wizard is set to hold its own against competitors. It’s definitely worth looking into.

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