Thursday, February 3, 2011

Did you say Free Energy? For your home? Easy instructions on how to make it work for pennies.

Author: MLM-Products

Long ago there was this Scientist, Engineer or was he a pioneer or simply a “Mad Scientist”. Most of you have heard of the new fast and sleek new electric car called the Tesla. Well, the name to the car was given in honor of a rather eccentric man, a man who was before his time, Nicola Tesla. Born on Eastern Europe, Croatia to be exact in 1856-1943, he developed tons of ideas that would change man kind forever. His ideas were how the turbines work at Niagara Falls to create Electricity. He technically invented wireless electricity, the radio, magnetic induction, among a plethora of other MAJOR ENERGEY producing and savings discoveries. In addition, we would not have today’s TV, Radars, and his patents were used to make the first transatlantic wireless communication.

I am ready to show you how you can use his methods can work for you. I will show you a simple way to create free electricity to power your cell phone for about with simple parts from your local hardware store, your cost $2.oo. Let us show you how these techniques will allow you to build an even bigger one to power you whole house. Don’t believe me, follow me to this link. Think about it, how much did you pay for electricity last month, $200, $400, $1,000. Think about what you could do with some of the savings you will get from electricity that would not cost you anything. I’m sure there are a lot of things you could do with that extra expense gone!!!

In case you did not know, Nikola Tesla was dubbed a “Mad Man” and this was only because he was shunned by big business, the Rockefeller’s of the world at that time refused for such inventions to go public as his oil fortune would go down the tubes. Remember back then, it really was about how much money you had to make things happen, or rather make them go away. Take a look at the video included below, and see it for yourself, learn about his history, and learn how to assemble an energy producing device for yourself for $2 bucks.

Nikola, died in New York City in 1943 with nearly no money to his name. Not because he could not make his idea’s work, but because he was not allowed to. In fact, it took until the 1960’s for him to be recognized to his genius work. Think about it, if his ideas were not remarkable, why in the world anyone would market a car company by this name. Do yourself a favor take a look at this the video and decide for yourself, is saving thousands of dollars a month worth it to you. While you may not have known of or heard of this genius, he has something the Big Boys don’t want you to know. Review this Video and prove it to your self