Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Google Android Tablet PC- Enjoy the Experience

With the speed at which technology is developing, it is difficult to know which of what to go for or how to use the latest gadgets and gizmos. In fact consumers may have been scratching their heads when the Google Android Tablet PC launched halfway through 2010, with similar products coming onto the market all the time. The Google Android Tablet PC is, however, different to many other products like it and is a multi-purpose tool for just about anyone. But what makes it so different from any other products like it?
The Anroid Tablet is not one product but an umbrella name for many different products and one of the main differences that it boasts from other products, is its Flash. Flash allows you to watch online videos right from the Google Android Tablet PC. Google first developed Android phones, which has had an enormous success and now run the Google Android Tablet PC off of Android too. Bloomberg reported in January 2011 that the Google Android Tablet PC had increased their market share by nearly ten times in the last three months of 2010.
With a seven inch touchscreen, the Google Android Tablet PC has a lot to offer. A camera is included as well as WiFi Wireless and 3G Wireless network and with such a small screen, it is easy to take just about anywhere. It also has an internal hard drive and a jack for audio earphones, making it possible to listen to your favourite music and watch the latest videos, right from your touch screen, without disturbing anyone near you.
The Android eBook Reader, an application that can be downloaded onto the Google Android Tablet PC, just about completes the multi-purpose of the Google Android Tablet. Download your favourite books, latest magazines and daily newspapers for reading pleasure, which can be done from just about anywhere.You can also download dictionaries, Bibles and translations. All of this, you can flip through on your touch screen with one finger – a library at a touch.
The Google Android Tablet PC includes all sorts of other applications as well. This is important as it allows you to download apps to suit your interests.You can download craigslist, Sudoku and job search if you are interested in business topics or daily workouts, calorie counter and an instant heart rate if health and fitness is top of your agenda. There are also apps for education, entertainment, finance, medical, shopping, travel, weather and many more. For shoppers there is a barcode scanner, discount saver and key ring reward cards.If you are interested in medicine, there is a pocket atlas of anatomy and color blindness test. You can also download daily horoscope or funny jokes. The Google Android Tablet PC has apps to suit just about anybody’s needs and interests, giving variety in a seven inch, touch screen package. With a little bit of research into the success of this productFeature Articles, it’s easy to see why anybody could use the Google Android Tablet PC.

source:  Google Android Tablet PC- Enjoy the Experience