Friday, February 18, 2011

Nokia E7 - Smart Device With Smart Benefits

By Tomy Nastey
Nokia E7 has been introduced few months back and this phone has created a history in the telecom market and can be easily availed through any of the deals.

Nokia is such a brand that has always tried to attract users by manufacturing classy and highly advanced handsets. people always gets excited as it launches any of its new phone. Its new phones are not only incorporated with advanced features but has also got cool as well as classy looks. The recent innovation of nokia family is Nokia E7 which look quite similar like its N8. The most remarkable difference between both the phones is that E7 has got slider QWERTY keypad and is little bit heavy.

In this phone you will find wide range of multimedia applications along with such applications that will help you for your business and personal usage. This handset is available with all the leading service operators of UK such as orange, virgin, Vodafone, O2, three and t mobile. you can opt it with any of these networks and after that you need to select the mobile phone deal which will suit your budget as well as your needs. Nokia E7 can be availed with deals like contract deals, pay as you go deals and SIM free mobile phones deals. But maximum benefits are available only with Nokia E7 contract as this is not only available in pocket friendly rate but it also offer wide variety of free gifts and discounts that may include free laptop, home appliances, digital cameras, TV, reduced call rates, instant cash back and many more but the only thing it requires is that users have to sign a contract with any of network.

Business class people have got attracted towards this phone because of the unified e-mail inbox which will help them to handle several email accounts at a time in one place only. Though it is loaded with variety of applications but one more attractive feature is that it has got two camera, one on the back panel and other in front for video calling. In this phone you will find combination of GPS, a compass and the accelerometer chip which makes this a handy satellite navigation device too.

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