Saturday, February 19, 2011

How To Make Computer Faster With Only 4 Tips

By lucyut

Speed up Computer has become a dream for more and more people due to the widespread of Windows users. Do you want to speed up Computer? Does your computer running more and more slowly? If your Windows operating system is running quite slowly but you cannot do anything to speed up it, I can tell you some of my personal tips to speed up the Windows operating system due to I have used it for almost three years. No matter how slowly Windows operating system runs, my two absolutely helpful tips must optimize your operating system instantly and make your operating system run lightning fast as a new one!

There are many ways to speed up Computer. Some methods are more straight forward than the other and some will help you see huge improvements to the performance of Windows while others offer less noticeable results. Here we will look at 7 most effective ways to speed up Computer from my personal experience.

#1 To speed up slow Computer, you should disable or remove unneeded programs on startup. Lots of executable files, applications will be launched automatically on startup. The Vista startup speed would be slowed down by them because the system needs more time to load all of the startup programs. After you disable those programs, you will find you speed up Vista slow performance at least 30%.

#2 Visual effects of Vista also will slow down the computer performance. You need to close some gorgeous visual effects to get rid of Computer slow problem. This can help you speed up your Vista system obviously. If you prefer a faster computer, just close some of visual effects to get the highest speed.

#3 Slow Computer of course can be caused by virus and spyware. If you do not have any protection programs on your computer, do it immediately. It is an practical and basic method to speed up Computer slow performance.

#4 Run free registry scan to resolve slow Computer problem. Have you ever used some repair tools to detect registry errors on your slow computer? With some PC tweaking tools, you can easily fix registry errors and to speed up your Vista. In fact, most of the PC repair tools are multifunctional and also contain the rescue methods I introduce above.

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