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How To Fix Microsoft Excel 2010 Crashes Working Excel 2010 Crashes Fix

By Joe Hilton

Microsoft Excel 2010 is undeniably one of Microsoft's Office's most valuable programs. It is a commercial spreadsheet application that is basically used for calculations, pivot tables, graphing tools, and a macro programming software also known as Visual Basic for Applications. It has been widely used in the corporate world and had been very helpful to statisticians, accountants, forecasting or logistics staff, book keepers, and even students. Unfortunately, numerous reports have been made about the incidents when this program crashes as users attempt to load or exit the application. This is due to various reasons and may be attributed to your computer's settings or the inability of your system to properly read the program.

The two main possible reasons why this program breaks down are namely: your PC cannot correctly read the file while loading it to your system; or there are problems with the settings of your computer, to be more specific with Bluetooth. To address this issue, you have to first make sure that this application is properly working. Then you should be able to run the programs of Windows to make it a bit more secure and dependable. To start fixing this issue, you have to re-install Microsoft Excel 2010 to your computer. The re-installation process can be done by pressing "Start" and then going to the "Control Panel". From the box that will appear, select "Add or Remove Programs". Proceed by going through the list and selecting the "MS Excel 2010". Click the uninstall tab to delete this program and then carry on by reinstalling a new copy to your PC.

The next crucial step to be performed is the elimination of any viruses that may be infecting your system. Viruses are known to be notorious and can destroy your files and cause severe damages to your system. Once applications like Microsoft Exel 2010 are infected, it is most likely these programs will be halted or crash. To make sure you wipe out the dreaded viruses in your computer, the safest course of action is to use a highly reliable anti-virus program. This program should scan your system and you have to continue running your program until your PC is free from the malware infections. Always remember that viruses are sneaky and constantly mutate, therefore you should at all times use an updated version of anti-virus software. You can select and download from the internet several anti-virus programs for free if you are not confident with your existing anti-virus software.

The final but very important step in resolving this issue is to clean the registry of your computer. The "registry" is the central database that stores vital files, information, settings and options. Windows access the files it needs to load up certain applications through this database. However, the registry may be corrupted, damaged, clogged up, or infected causing Windows to be unable to read the files properly. This will cause your PC to run slower and trigger possible errors or problems like the crashing of Microsoft Excel 2010. To fix this issue, download and run a registry cleaner tool that will ensure your computer will be error-free and function as efficiently as possible.

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