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Overhating Problem in Laptops

Overhating Problem in LaptopsBy laptop battery

Laptop Overheating:
Overheating problem is very common in most of the laptops and computers. This problem specially arises in laptops, as PC's have more space for airflow. People use laptops for various purpose like business, entertainment, and school, so this problems needs to be prevented to keep the machine in good condition, and to avoid any inconvenience.
Overheating is probably the prime problem that users face while using their laptops. They wonder why their laptop freezes and shuts off again and again and don't find the reason behind this problem. The main reason behind this issue is overheating of laptop that needs to be addressed properly. Solution to overheating is available in the user manual, which we normally ignore to read. Just go through the user manual, you will find a section stating "What not to do with your laptop" here you will find the tips to avoid laptop overheating. Overheating problem is very common in hp laptops.
This article discusses symptoms, causes, and solutions to overheating problem under the following heads.
Ø Symptoms of Laptop/Computer overheating
Ø Causes of overheating
Ø Solution to overheating
Symptoms of Laptop/Computer overheating
Generally people are not aware with the sings of computer/laptop overheating due to the fact that they are non technical, so they continue using their machines without taking any preventative measure. You can take timely preventative actions if you make yourself aware of these signs. Normally overheating problem arises in laptops, so to prevent your laptop from overheating you should be aware with some overheating symptoms. Following are some signs that show real overheating of laptops.
If your laptop's cooling fans are working at a higher speed and making noise, it shows overheating problem.
It happens that if you are playing 3D games in your laptop, it shuts down suddenly due to the fact that the software of 3D games making the processor to work hard. So, if your laptop shuts down this way, it has probably got the overheating problem.
If your laptop shuts down after a few minutes of operations, and you haven't received any warning, then again it is a symptom of overheating.
Causes of overheating
There are many reasons due to which laptop overheats. Some are in general, and some particularly relate to HP laptops as HP has been, and still facing overheating issues in its laptops.
Many people with technical background say that overheating problem in hp laptops is due to its motherboard, and lack of spending on the heat sink assembly. There are many other reasons as well like you are using your laptop in a way which is restricting the cooling fans to work properly.
Using laptop in high temperature can also cause overheating. If you are using an old Hp laptop battery or the one which has low remaining life, this will also result in laptop overheating.
Bios problem can also cause laptop overheating
If you have placed your laptop on your lap, carpets, or on cushions, this will block the cooling system air resulting in overheating of laptop.
Solutions to Overheating
You should consider following tips to overcome laptop overheating:
  • Laptop may be overheating due to the bios problem, so use the latest version of bios to tackle this problem.
  • Always keep your laptop's cooling system clean, use an air duster to clean it.
  • Take an air duster and clean your laptop's fans, as this will enable them to work properly.
  • Most of the laptops overheat due to placing them on laps or carpets etc. The simplest solution to prevent overheating is to use a laptop tray to place the laptop, instead of placing it on laps or carpets.
  • You can also remove the case cover of your laptop so that the motherboard cools down and work properly.
  • It's better to use your laptop in an air conditioned room.
  • Don't forget to clean the metal contacts on the battery of your laptop.
  • Keep an extra laptop battery with you, and use it in rotation with the original battery such as Hp F4098A battery, Hp F4809A battery, Hp F4812A battery, compaq 319411-001 battery, Compaq Presario 2100 battery(compaq 2100 battery), Compaq Presario 2500 battery(compaq 2500 battery), Compaq Presario NX9010 battery, Compaq Presario NX9000 battery, Hp F2299A battery.
  • Your laptop battery must not be broken or damaged.
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